Located in the landlocked plateau between Russian Siberia and the plains of northern China, Mongolia makes a geographically and culturally dramatic impression. Within this enchanting country’s borders, you can experience boundless wonders of nature. Mongolia’s pristine mountains, unspoiled Gobi desert and sweeping grasslands are home to a vast natural heritage. The wildlife includes snow leopards, wild horses and camels, Gobi bears, wild sheep and goats, gazelles, antelope and more. The crystal clear rivers and astonishingly blue lakes are abundant with fish and hundreds of species of endemic and migrating birds. If you are in search of a retreat or a creative charge, you will surely find it in the peace and serenity of Mongolia’s Buddhist culture and the warm traditions of the nomadic lifestyle.

Being far from any ocean influence, Mongolia has a very continental climate. The summers are pleasantly warm, the winters are freezing cold. Mongolia is also known as the land of the blue sky. With over 280 sunny days a year, very little rain is to be expected during your stay in Mongolia.

Hunting in Mongolia is subject to very strict regulations. A foreigner hunting in Mongolia will need a hunting permission issued by the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and Environment. For Argali, the annual number of licenses is limited to 40. The requests for the licenses, particularly for Altai Argali, sometimes need to be made 2-3 years in advance. We need to fix your hunting permissions well in advance.


Type:  Altai Argali, Hangay Argali,Altai Ibex ,Gobi Ibex, heavy Hangay ibex, exceptional Altai ibex,Maral,Asiatic wolf,  and Gobi Argali

Hunting season:

Altai Argali, Hangay Argali and Gobi Argali: July 20 – November 15

Altai Ibex and Gobi Ibex: June 1 – November 15