Cameroon is one of the most beautiful African countries.  Owing to the diversity of its climate and topography, ranging from the southern equatorial rainforest to the vast Northern desert, it is a miniature reproduction of the entire African continent.  This country stretches from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, up to Chad in the North and the Central African Republic on the East. About half the size of France, or the same size as the State of Oklahoma, Cameroon encompasses two distinct ecosystems - the tropical rain forest in the South of the country and the savannah in the center.  Therefore, two types of safaris can be had there. We are pleased to represent three of the leading safari companies operating in Cameroon, offering both forest (jungle) hunts and savannah hunts.



The tropical African rain forest is truly a wonder to behold.  Primitive forest roads allow one to travel far into this once impenetrable rainforest.  Bongo is the primary quarry, but many other forest species may be hunted.  Clients are guided by experienced professional hunters who are assisted by pygmy trackers.  The camps are well-equipped and maintained.  Today these camps are fixed structures of mortar and stone with beds, mosquito nets, fluorescent lights, night tables, wash basins, etc.  One operator even provides air conditioning! In the best French tradition, well-trained cooks provide excellent meals.   Jungle hunts are done from May through June, as the rainy season begins.



In the northeastern part of the country, stretching for thousands of square miles, is the hilly savannah woodland.  Safaris here are much the same as in other central and east Africa. The primary species is the giant (or Lord Derby) eland.    Professional hunters are very experienced.  Deluxe, full service camps are provided by all leading operators.  Savannah hunts are conducted from January through March.

Species List, Forest:

Bongo,Forest sitatunga,Dwarf forest buffalo

Giant forest hog,Red river hog,Yellow-backed duiker,Bates antelope,Blue duiker,White-bellied duiker,Black-fronted duiker,Peters duiker,Bay duiker 

Species List, Savannah:


Central African kob

Giant eland

Harnessed bushbuck

Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck

Northwestern savannah buffalo

Oribi,Western bush duiker

Red-flanked duiker

Sing Sing waterbuck


Western hartebeest

Western roan