Slovak is a western Slavic language, very closely related to Czech and relatively close to Polish and the languages of the former Yugoslavia. Nationalities: 85% Slovak (western Slavic in origin), 10% Hungarian, 3% Roma. Significant smaller nationalities include Czechs, Ruthenians, Ukranians, Germans and Poles.
Religions: 63% Roman Catholic, 9% Protestant, 4% Greek Catholic, 2% other churches. Type of government: republic, with parliamentary democracy.
Head of government: Prime Minister, generally the leader of the largest party in parliament, this post holds most real executive authority.
Legislative body: National Council, a one-house parliament elected at least once every four years.
Head of state: President, elected once every five years, largely ceremonial.





 Fallow deer

fly fishing



Japanese Sika


Red deer

 Roe deer

Sika Dybowski 

 wild boar 

wild boar

 wild duck



Deer Hunting Season: 15 May – 15 February