Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting

There are about 485 different kinds of birds in Iran.

Iran's birds are vast in variety and some are among the world's rarest. You may be enchanted to find, right in the middle of seemingly endless desert land, a tiny oasis or even a swamp, where birds gather to drink water; and you may wonder from where and how the birds manage to reach that spot: delightful birds with lovely colors.

If you would like someone to help you identify a bird you’ve seen, send a detailed description of the bird, and include your city and state, and/or a photo of the bird to

Bird Feeding Basics

Bird feeding can benefit birds and also provides great bird watching from your own backyard. The obvious time to feed birds is in winter when natural food supplies are scarce; however, additional species visit feeders during the spring and fall migrations, and also during summer while nesting.

Birds Migration

Have you noticed the absolutely astounding and fascinating phenomenon happening outside these days? Yes, it is migration time with millions of birds traveling to their spring/summer homes in the northern hemisphere (or their fall/winter homes in the southern half of the world.


Right now is the best opportunity to see birds that are not common to your area. Listed below are a bunch of migration facts.

How Do Birds Find Their Way?

• Sighting (they don't call it a "bird's eye view" for nothing) features like rivers, coastlines, and mountain ranges.

• Monitoring Earth's magnetic field, apparently with their visual system and with tiny grains of a mineral called magnetite in their heads

• Observing the stars

Using the sun for guidance

• Smell

And probably following their neighbors (many birds migrate in large flocks)

Watching wild birds is fun. Some birders travel the world to add another "lifer" to their list. Others enjoy watching the birds at feeders in their yard. Birders of all skill levels and areas of interest will find something of value.

The following bird hunting safaris can be arranged: • Geese/ Ducks • Grouse • Chuckar partridge/See see Partridge • Hubbara bustard (Falconry) • Pheasant • Woodcock /Snipe Iran has some of the best bird shooting in the world. Our professional and experienced staff will guide you into some of the best birds hunting areas. From Chucker partridge to the Woodcock.