Kazakhstan, situated in the geographic center of Eurasia, has been well known since the times of the Silk Roads. Today, just as in that distant epoch, it combines features that are remarkable for their contrasts: East and West, modernism and archaism, impetuous youth and staid wisdom of ancestors. Even its geography is full of contrasts: the perpetually snow-capped mountains adjoin the Great Steppe; the regions of rives and picturesque lakes – the so-called “eyes of the earth” – are surrounded by neighboring desert. The climate is continental, with warm summers and colder winters. Weather is usually nice during the hunting season. It is fairly dry with daytime temperatures ranging from 40 to 65 F (4-18 C), 30 to 40 F (-1, +4 C) at night.

Kazakhstan has become a famous destination for big game hunters seeking the trophy Maral or Tian-Shan Wapiti and Mid-Asian Ibex. 

Hunting Season:

Ibex: August 15 – November 15 (best hunting September 15 – November 1)

Maral:  September 10 – October 5 

Type: Mid Asian Ibex – Tian Shan Maral - Siberian Roe Deer