There is a wonderful mountainous country in Central Asia, crossed with thick mountain ridges of the Tian Shan and Pamirs-Alai – Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is located at the half distance from Paris to Tokyo, on the western border of China, south of Kazakhstan and east of  Uzbekistan, north of Tajikistan and 5000 km southeast of Moscow. It is a land of powerful eternally snow-covered mountains, alpine meadows scattered with flowers, impetuous rivers and waterfalls amid cliffs and steppes with the scent of worm wood; a land of blue lakes and green valleys. The pearl of the Central Asia is the emerald-blue Issyk-Kul Alpine lake. Kyrgyzstan attracts travellers from all over the world not only due to the great variety of landscapes, abundance of mountain lakes and cascades, alpine meadows and glaciers and exclusive resorts, but also due to historical and architectural sights, and wonderful Kyrgyz traditions.

Kyrgyzstan’s climate is classic continental with hot summers and cold winters. Temperatures can vary considerably within a single day – especially in the mountains. Spring: March: around 59 F daytime (+15 C), 23 F at night (-5 C); Fall: November: expect windy conditions. Daytime temperature around 35 – 45 F (+1 +7 C) with lows of 5-14 F (-10-15 C).


Hunting Season:

Argali: September 1 – December 1, February 1 – March 30. The best hunting terms from November 1st

Ibex: August 15 – December 15, January 15 – March 15 

Type: Marco Polo - Mid Asian Ibex - Hume Argali