Wild Life Habitat

Iran is a vast country of some 1.6 million sq. kilometers. The geological past and current geographic location has resulted in the appearance of open landscapes with vast mountain ranges, lush forest, arid desert and tropical seaside.

Our mountains are habitat to seven distinct and internationally recognized species of wild sheep, the Persian Ibex and the secretive leopard. The valleys below them are home to the Goitered and Jabber gazelles, preyed upon by the fastest land animal- the Asiatic cheetah.

Our forests are home to the red deer, roe deer, Persian fallow deer, brown bear and some of the largest wild boar in the world.

As the result of a careful conservation program by the Department of the Environment in maintaining over 70 protected reserves, we are proud to have been authorized to bid you welcome to an unforgettable adventure.

Our Outfitting Branch handles big game safaris independent Wild Boar and bird hunting trips. This branch has the most experienced and knowledgeable Guides, Spotters and Trackers in Iran, each with decades of experience. As your professional guides they will take you into some of the best hunting grounds in Iran, off the beaten path, which have been carefully protected by the Department of Environment. We are proud to have helped our big game client's back in the Country after 20 years.


The variety of Wildlife is such that one can see the Caucasian Black Cock as well as the sacred African Ibis. There are salmon and sturgeon in the north and crocodiles southeast, while the warm waters of the Persian Gulf are home to the largest mammal on earth, the blue Whale. Any program can be arranged to please the most demanding. We will organize an unforgettable adventure to meet your individual interests.Beside our hunting trips, the following safaris can be arranged:

• National Park and Wildlife Photography 

 • Sightseeing

 • Horse and Camel Rides

 • Desert Trekking

 • Cave Exploration

 • Trekking

 • Mountain Climbing

 • Skiing and Snowboarding