Wild Boar Hunting
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Wild Boar Hunting Safari in Iran

Wild Boar Safari can be organized in combination with big game or bird shooting safaris.
We know from experiences abroad that wild boar eradication is very difficult and very expensive, plus the tax payers in Britain would have to foot-the-bill.
 Also, wild boar are still escaping from captive enclosures and it is only a matter of time before more breeding populations arise. This delay is good news if you are a fan of free-living wild boar but bad news if you are not. Iran has some of the largest wild boar in the world. Due to exceeding numbers it is considered a pest in most regions and unlimited trophies can be hunted. ...
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Experience a breathtaking adventure hunting safari Marco Polo and Ibex in the remote and exclusive hunting areas of our partners in both private and government sectors. These areas are located in the Oxide Reserve, Ak-Sai -- Arpa valleys in the Tien-Shan Mountain Range of Kyrgyzstan.

Iran safari

Iran Hunting Mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. Direct flights to Iran area available through Moscow and Istanbul. Upon arrival in Iran you will be met by our representative. Accommodations will vary from yurts and lodges to cabins and trailers. Each camp offers traditional meals, experienced guides, and great mountain horses, and of course, large numbers of sheep and Ibex. Iran Hunting is conducted on horseback and on foot.

Hunting Safari to Iran

Hunting in Iran. In 2003 we added new hunting areas for both sheep and Ibex. These areas are expected to produce above average animals; Ibex in the 50 - 55" and up!
We have an office staffed in Iran that coordinates your hunts. Our representative from the company will assist you upon your arrival to the end of the tour taking care of all the details.
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