Iran cultural tour

IJ-B01 - 15 Days Trekking Itinerary

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Tehran/ Shiraz/ Persepolis/ Isfahan/ Desert/ Mashhad/ Golestan forest/ Tehran

Day 1: Tehran-Shiraz Arrival at Tehran Airport, our representative will meet and assist you upon your arrival, transfer to hotel . Visiting Archeological Museum, Glassware and Ceramic & Carpet Museum, Flight to Shiraz, O/N hotel

Day 2: Shiraz-Persepolis Short excursion to Persepolis, visit ruins of a Palace complex in Persepolis, Capital of Darius I, (Found 518 BC) and expanded by Xerexes his son and also Artaxerexes, Tomes of Artaxerexes II and III are cut into the hillside overlooking this splendid setting. Then visit Naqsh-e Rostam,where lies the tomes Rajab( Bas-reliefs of Sassanians). O/N near Persepolis in tent

Day 3: Persepolis- Pasargad- Shiraz An Excursion to Pasargad O/N Hotel

Day 4: Shiraz-Sissakht Full day trip to Sissakht via Yasuj O/N in Tent

Day 5: Sissakht-Kouhrang Full day trip O/N in Tent

Day 6: Kouhrang-Isfahan Full day city Tour, visiting Emam Mosque( Architecture and tile-work) Aliqapoo and Hasht Behesht Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Chehe-Sotun Palace. O/N hotel

Day 7: Isfahan –Khor
Half day city tour, visiting old bridges of Isfahan, Vank Church( Armenian Church with Interior Decoration), Menar-jonban (shaking minaret) and Jolfa/Vank Cathedral (holy Savior’s Cathederal) trip to khor via Nain.
O/N in Tent

Day 8: Khor-Nayband
Full day trip
O/N hotel

Day 9: Nayband-Birjand Full day trip via Desert O/N Tourist Inn

Day 10: Birjand– Mashhad
Full day trip via Tybad
O/N Hotel

Day 11: Mashhad Sight seeing and trip to tous O/N hotel

Day 12: Mashhad- Golestan Forest
Full day trip to the Golestan Forest
O/N in Tent

Day 13: Golestan Forest -Reineh
Full day trip via port of Turkeman
O/N in Te

Day 14: Reineh-Tehran
Full day trip
O/N hotel

Day 15: Tehran