Hunting in Iran

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We are situated in the Iran Province, which is considered to be the Hunting capital of Iran (Persia). Whether you are planning your fist trip to Iran or are experienced at hunting in Persia (Iran).
Iran (Persia) hunting safari in Iran. stay in the luxurious safari hunting lodge and relax in complete privacy experience trophy hunting plains game hunting big game hunting big five hunting wing shooting and bow hunting. Hunting in Iran is a big experience for all hunters.

Iran Safari, Iran hunting Safari

safari to Iran forest. hunting wild boar Iran zone for special tourism. you can enjoy Iran hunting safari and adventure tour and package safari. hunter can have a special adventure tour and safari package. hunting Iran wild animal Ibex, fallow deer, red sheep, bear, laristan Armenian sheep, bear, sheep, urial sheep.

Bird hunting safari

Hunting Iran animals safari tour can be very excited. hunting day in the best safari and adventure Iran safari. Hunting some of the most sought after species of wild Sheep or test your skills against the majestic Persian Ibex. bird watching tours can be organized for wives, families and non-hunting observers who accompany hunters or these can be tagged on to the beginning or end of a hunt as you wish. Iran bird hunting tour or safari of bird watching in tent. brown bear hunter can provide a very good adventure tent safari in order to Iranian birds. The following bird hunting safaris can be arranged: Geese/ Ducks, Grouse.

Iran Hunting Safari


Iran cultural safari or Iran hunting safari in Iran forest. Iran safari hunting safari, hunting safari Hunting Iran Red Sheep. Urial Sheep Iran Eurasian Wild Boar Trans Caspian Sheep. Asian Brown Bear Iranian Goitered Gazelle. Iranian Trans Caspian Urial. Isfahan Sheep and also hunting  Common Fox, Ibex hunting Iran, Laristan Sheep, Armenian Sheep, Persian Shikar, Wild Boar Iran , Bird Shooting Iran, Kerman Sheep, tour and Travel agency, Tour operator,  adventure, trekking, ski, packages, visa, transportation, hotel reservation camel riding, domestic flight equipment, photographic safari, Iran hunting package.

Iran safari tourism: Iran cultural safari to various cities of Iran. hunting safari to Iran for hunt wild boar, deer gazelle or Caspian sheep, Isfahan sheep and other sheep. travel Iran safari tourism hunter, safari hunting safari. here you can find hunting law and regulation in Iran. safari to shikar need some equipments such as cap, weapon, knife and ... for hunting in a good way you need to have a wild dogs.

Iran safari: Red Sheep, Urial Sheep, Eurasian Wild Boar hunting, hunting Trans Caspian Sheep, Asian Brown Bear hunting, Goitered Gazelle, Trans Caspian Urial, Isfahan Sheep, Common Fox hunting, Ibex hunting Iran, Laristan Sheep hunting, Armenian Sheep hunting, Persian Shikar, Wild Boar Iran.

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packages, visa transportation hotel reservation camel riding, domestic flight, services for traveler to Iran, safari
hunting, bird watching, safari package.

Persian animals hunting safari: Iran tour and travel service provider Asian brown sheep hunting  gazelle hunting  Laristan sheep, visa Iran, hunting wild boar, Iran tour safari travel  package tour safari hunting Ibex  gazelle hunting, safari hunting,  hunting and shooting, fishing safari, Iran bird watching, photo safari  travel to Iran gazelle hunting , cultural safari , shikar and shooting, hunter.

Iran hunting safari, Iran safari
Iran Jasmin co  is a private enterprise established to provide cultural as well as the best mountain hunting and nature tours available today in Iran. Our Outfitting branch is authorized by the department of the environment to arrange and organize hunting  safari and nature tours in Iran. The entire staffs of our Outfitting Branch consist of professional hunters and naturalists whose only goal is; to provide you with an unforgettable adventure and a successful safari.

As you are undoubtedly aware, Iran has recently opened its doors to the world's hunters and nature lovers. Iran's wide array of wildlife and unsurpassed historic and natural beauty makes it a perfect destination. From hunting the majestic Persian Ibex, or trans-Caspian Urial down to diminutive but elegant laristan Sheep ,to photographing some of the rarest animals in the world such  as the Asiatic cheetah or Persian fallow deer, a once in a lifetime experience is awaiting you.

Various Type of Safaris

Our Outfitting Branch handles big game safaris independent Wild Boar and bird hunting trips. This branch has the most experienced and knowledgeable Guides, Spotters and Trackers in Iran, each with decades of experience. As your professional guides they will take you into some of the best hunting grounds in Iran, off the beaten path, which have been carefully protected by the Department of Environment. We are proud to have helped our big game client's back in the Country after 20 years.

Iran Gazelle Hunting safariThe variety of Wildlife is such that one can see the Caucasian Black Cock as well as the sacred African Ibis. There are salmon and sturgeon in the north and crocodiles southeast, while the warm waters of the Persian Gulf are home to the largest mammal on earth, the blue Whale. Any program can be arranged to please the most demanding. We will organize an unforgettable adventure to meet your individual interests.

Beside our hunting trips, the following safaris can be arranged:

Iran Safari National Park and wildlife photography
 • Sightseeing
 • Horse and Camel rides
 • Desert negotiations
 • Cave exploration
 • Trekking

Iran safari

Atlas of wild life protected areas of Iran.

Iran hunting safari, sheep hunting is our sister company, which is expert in "Iran cultural tour itineraries".



Iran ibex Hunting Safari

Iran's natural beauty is breathtaking. The department of the environment maintains over 70 national parks. Game reserves and sanctuaries all over Iran. A variety of wildlife, from the Asiatic cheetah to the Persian fallow deer and Asiatic Wild Ass can be seen and photographed. Abundant ancient archeological sights can also be visited during any program. You can photograph wildlife on one day and Persepolis on the next.

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